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     The Act of Remembering

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The Act of Remembering:
A Tale of Mental Struggles & Nostalgia

Jun / 2022
From The New Native Narratives
At The Front Arte & Cultura

The Act of Remembering: A Tale of Mental Struggles & Nostalgia, is an art project made during The Front Arte & Cultura New Native Narratives Apprenticeship Program.

In this series of works, I explore the importance of the act of remembering as a tool for healing and acceptance. Nostalgic about early interactions, moments, and places from my childhood, I re-tell my story. I build new tales that derive from the acknowledgment of life’s hardships, mental struggles and my transborder identity focusing on the importance of unity and family bonds. Furthermore, I explore the idea of imperfection through the utilization of found biodegradable discarded materials. Surfaces that disappear with time just like memories do. Imperfect materials where the shadow of their past purpose remains. By allowing these repurposed media to speak without masking their original essence, the ghostly images placed upon them reflect the complexity and ephemeral nature of memory.